Hunting Rubs and Scrapes

If you ask any experienced deer hunter what signs he looks for most when hunting during the fall season, he will inevitably answer “rubs and scrapes”. In fact, I too most often look for these signs because, not only are they obvious sign posts that there are deer in the area I am hunting, they [...]

Nocturnal Bucks: a hunter’s greatest challenge

Hunting deer with a guide in large enclosures where the deer population is specifically managed to produce large herds and especially large bucks is becoming increasingly popular amongst hunters who have a very limited amount of time to hunt deer each year. Consequently, because these hunters may have only a few days to a week [...]

Hunting Urban Deer

Due to human’s ever expanding population and our seemingly insatiable need to build new housing for our new family members, many outlying urban and suburban neighborhoods are encroaching on habitat that used to belong to the Whitetail Deer. Whitetail deer are so adaptable and are very comfortable living in close proximity to humans.  These deer have [...]

Salad Done Whitetail Style

In a previous article I mentioned the concept of locating Soft Mast such as wild, ripe, fruit to pinpoint the location of deer during the weeks when this food source is available. However, once this food source has passed, deer living in forested areas are forced to return to feeding on woody plants called Browse.  Browse [...]

Soft Mast Deer Foods

Last week, I discussed the idea of using deer droppings as sign posts to the presence of deer in the area whenever you are scouting. Also, I discussed the idea of using the consistency of the droppings to help determine what types of foods they have been feeding on so that you can find the [...]

Scout the Droppings; Not the Deer

In my last article, I mentioned contemplating the sometimes monumental task of locating resident deer herds on land that you are not familiar with. Also, I mentioned that when scouting unfamiliar land, you should focus your attention on finding the bedding areas first and the feeding areas second and then finding and scouting the trails [...]

How to Scout Deer Habitat

I was pondering the sometimes monumental task of scouting new deer habitat today and it occurred to me that in order to find the deer on unfamiliar ground, I first needed to understand the deer’s world. So, with that in mind, I imagined myself as a deer and I quickly realized that the only three [...]

The Purpose of Deer Food Plots

 Creating a deer food plot offers hunters two major advantages. First and foremost, they draw the deer to a particular, well defined, area during hunting season. But, perhaps even more importantly, they provide a high quality food source for deer which in turn creates larger herds of larger, healthier, deer and bucks with larger racks. [...]

What Constitutes Good Deer Habitat?

  Just like humans, all deer want to live the best habitat available. The three things that deer consider most important in life are easy access to a good food source, good shelter from the elements, and protection from predators. However, in any given area, these resources are limited and thus, they limit the size [...]

How to Think Like a Deer


        From the moment a young fawn is born, there are numerous different predators out there such as coyotes, bobcats, wolverines, and lynxes that would like to make a meal of that young fawn. Thus, both the fawn and his or her mother must be very vigilant every moment of every day, [...]