Food Plot Tip 10: Large & Small Seed Same Whitetail Plot

Have you ever wondered how to deal with both large and small deer food plot seed in the same plot?

As you likely already know the large and small seeds need to be at different soil depths.

An example of this would include the mixing of small grains (with relatively large seed) and small fine seeds such as grass seed and clover seed.


STEP Number1: Proper Seedbed Preparation

More details in Tillage Chapter of Second Edition of “Deer Food Plots Made Easy”.

For a FREE FOOD PLOT TILLAGE PODCAST follow this link: and look for podcast #3.


STEP Number 2: Place large seed (e.g., oats, winter peas, cowpeas) onto the seedbed.


STEP Number 3: Cover the seed to approximately 1 inch deep using a light disc




Use a cultipacker (not a harrow drag or homemade harrow drag). This is important to create a firm seedbed for small seeds so they do not get too deep in cracks that may be present. Small grass seeds and clover seeds can easily get put too deep and cause plot failure.


Step Number 5: Use broadcast technique for placing small seeds.


Step Number 6: Cultipack the seedbed again to make sure seedbed is firm and get better seed to soil contact.


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