Whitetail Deer and Turkey Food Plots

Whitetail Deer and Turkey Food PlotsFood plots made for Whitetail deer are also great for turkeys.

In general the wild turkeys use cool season food plots in late winter and early spring when the growth in these types of plots is green.

Warm season food plots are generally used through early to mid summer and provide insects and other invertebrates key to the turkey diet.

Grain plots are especially coveted by the turkey in the fall and winter. So consider adding corn/grain sorghum (Milo) to your warm season plots and plant in strips at least 50 feet wide. Generally 7lbs/A of Corn and 8lbs/A of Milo are advised.

The added advantage of using corn and grain sorghum strips is in the fall the deer may use them for protected travel routes and if carefully planned these pathways can help you funnel deer travel. If the corn is partially knocked down and left un-harvested deer will often eat the corn in the later fall and early winter too depending on available forage options and conditions in your area.

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