Grunt, Rattle, and Call to See More Deer

I believe that it can safely be said that the jury is in and the decision is that deer grunt calls and rattling a pair of either real or imitation deer antlers either separately or in combination with grunt calls can definitely increase your chances of seeing a deer while in your stand! In fact, nearly every wildlife biologist who has studied Whitetail Deer has remarked upon their curiosity at one time or another. Fortunately for us, the savvy hunter can use that curiosity to their advantage.
The fact of the matter is that wildlife biologist nationwide have observed that deer communicate with each other using various types of grunts and the biologists classify each of these grunts as being one of three types: Dominate, Tending, or Maternal. (Winand, 2008).

Therefore, using a grunt call to sound like a deer yourself (even if you don’t know the language) is a wise idea because deer are so curious, they simply can’t seem to resist coming to see what all of the commotion is about. As for not knowing the language, biologists have found that these grunts average .72 seconds in length and have no particular pattern or sequence (Winand, 2008). Thus, there is no set “language” per say and consequently, three grunts may be just a good a six or seven grunts.

So, regardless of how you grunt, any deer passing your position is far more likely to come in for a closer look if you grunt at them. In addition, this is a good way to locate deer in the field because bucks tend to be very vocal in the Fall. In fact, they will often walk slowly and grunt softly every few steps as they travel from the bedding area to the feeding area and vice versa. Consequently, grunting to them can often elicit a response that allows you to home in on their location and can even serve to bring them closer to you.

Guest Writer : Bill Bernhardt

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