Legume Lowdown: Alfalfa and Others for Deer Food Plots

When it comes to your basic cool-season legume for deer forage, alfalfa (Medicago sativa) can’t be beat. It is a perennial, but it can also be used as an annual in deer food plots, especially in more southern regions. Alfalfa does not do well on clay soils; keep that in mind if your whitetail plot [...]

Successful Deer Plots: What do I plant?

The #1 thing you can do to ensure the success of your food plots is to match your seed to your soil. Why: because different plants have different root structures, moisture needs, pH requirements and sensitivities, as well as fertility needs. There are generally three main types of soil: Clay, Sandy, and Loam. Loam is [...]

5 Questions You Should Ask B4 Starting Your Deer Plot Tillage

Tillage is basically a depth and particle size concept going from the deepest to the shallowest penetration and from the largest particles to the smallest. What tillage does is basically break soil into finer and finer particles in preparation for seeding. The suprising thing is not all soils or plots even need tillage to get [...]

Strip Planting in Food Plots

Strip Planting in Food Plots

Tired of worrying about seed mixtures? Why not try strip planting. I first read about it in “The wildlife food planting guide for the southeast and I loved the idea. I decided to pass on some of the combinations that worked for me and some general guidelines which I am passing on from the guide. [...]

Deer Food Plots Tip 6

Deer Food Plots Tip 6

Have you tried soybeans in your deer food plots only to have failure or poor production for one reason or another. Soybean seedling diseases are a factor you may want to consider if you have a good seedbed, adequate weed control, and have handled the seed correctly. Factors affecting Seedling Diseases in Soybeans Seed quality. [...]

White Clover Perennial Deer Plots


The most common perennial or biennial “cool season” choices for deer food plots are certain clovers (ladino, white-dutch, red, alsike, birdsfoot trefoil, and sweet clover) alfalfa (legume) and chicory (herb). White clover – long-lived perennial in the north (through Hardiness Zone 4) – a short-lived perennial or winter annual in the south (disease and drought [...]

Planting Dates Cool Season Legumes


If you are keen about whitetail food plots, we have additional charts like this in the second edition which include: Common Cool Season Legumes For Deer Food Plots: Soil and pH Preferences, No Till or Low Till, Reseeding Information Common Cool Season Legumes For Deer Food Plots: Tolerances (Grazing, Growth, Heat, Drought, Shade, Flood/Wet, Low [...]

Benefits of Using Cool Season Plantings for Whitetail Deer Food Plots

Benefits of Using Cool Season Plantings

When considering using cool season plantings in your food plots , for the most part it is a good idea to put all legumes with a grain, annual ryegrass or rapeseed mixed with them. The grasses and grains have multiple functions in a food plot: help prevent erosion can compete effectively with deer food plot [...]

Whitetail Deer and Turkey Food Plots

Whitetail Deer and Turkey Food Plots

Food plots made for Whitetail deer are also great for turkeys. In general the wild turkeys use cool season food plots in late winter and early spring when the growth in these types of plots is green. Warm season food plots are generally used through early to mid summer and provide insects and other invertebrates [...]

Seed Mixtures in Whitetail Food Plots

Seed Mixtures

Have you ever wondered why everyone speaks about cool season and warm season annuals and then further complicates it with north and south, biennials and perennials? There is no easy separation between these plants in all areas. In other words, you have annuals that can act like perennials in the right areas and can be [...]