Harvest Does for Bigger Bucks?

 Many avid deer hunters, and especially those here in the southeastern U.S., are opposed to the idea of harvesting does. The reason for this attitude ranges from simply wanting to see a lot of deer when hunting to mistakenly believing that they by harvesting does, hunters may be killing next year’s trophy buck before it [...]

Informative Fall Food Plot Video Tecomate Wildlife Alabama

Brassicas in Deer Food Plots: What You May Not Know

Here are some of the more common facts about brassicas, a commonly used species for Deer Food Plots. Annual usually planted late fall (best 4-6 weeks prior to average date of 28F freeze) Sweeten with hard frost Deer will dig out under snow to eat in winter But Did You Know? Because of its really [...]

Deer Food Plot Tip 11: Fall Planting

5 Steps to Fall Planting of Whitetail Food Plots Step 1: Soil Testing Soil test: Most of the no-till blends are cereals, grains, and clover mixes (+/- brassicas) and most of these plants really like near neutral pH.  If you don’t know the pH range of your soil, you may be wasting your time and [...]

Planting Dates Cool Season Legumes


If you are keen about whitetail food plots, we have additional charts like this in the second edition which include: Common Cool Season Legumes For Deer Food Plots: Soil and pH Preferences, No Till or Low Till, Reseeding Information Common Cool Season Legumes For Deer Food Plots: Tolerances (Grazing, Growth, Heat, Drought, Shade, Flood/Wet, Low [...]

Whitetail Deer and Turkey Food Plots

Whitetail Deer and Turkey Food Plots

Food plots made for Whitetail deer are also great for turkeys. In general the wild turkeys use cool season food plots in late winter and early spring when the growth in these types of plots is green. Warm season food plots are generally used through early to mid summer and provide insects and other invertebrates [...]

Triticale for Deer Food Plots

Triticale for Deer Food Plots

Small grains make up some of the most desirable cool season plantings for deer food plots. Other choices you may be familiar with are oats, wheat, and rye. If you haven’t considered triticale then you may want to have a second look. It has a lot of advantages. What you will like most about this [...]